We are the Cool Suppliers, we make all natural Frozen Smoothie Pops. Our Pops are fully loaded with real, super high quality fruits. They are sorbet like in consistency, which makes us the smoothest frozen pop on the block. We use simple ingredients like: fruit, micron filtered water, natural cane sugar, and a plant to hold it all together.

Can it be that it was all so simple?


We are called “The Cool Suppliers” because at the core of what we do is, supply your body with cool. Cool is so much more than that though, Cool is an attitude. Cool is a way of life. Cool is something that you are, even when you are not Cool. Cool is never manufactured, it just is. Cool comes from doing the wrong thing and becoming Cooler by learning from it. Cool is recognizing you are not promised tomorrow, so there is not time to, not be cool. Cool is making those around you cooler. Cool is being happy being you, and Cool is constantly challenging you to be a better you. Cool is chilling. Cool is love, Cool is helping others. Cool is picking up after yourself because Cool is the acceptance of responsibility. Cool is speaking your mind and Cool is knowing when to keep your mouth shut because, Cool is listening. Cool is understanding. Cool is walking tall, even if you can’t walk. Cool is whatever you decide it to be, because you are the commander of Cool.

Cool cuz we don’t get upset…