We Are the COOL Suppliers

We Make All Natural Frozen Smoothies!


Our frozen smoothies are one of the only All-Natural frozen snacks, made with natural fruit, little to no added sugar and no artificial coloring!


Cool Suppliers Frozen Smoothies are Vegan, Gluten Free, Peanut Free, Low Calorie and available at many convenience stores across the country.


Conceived and created in Brooklyn, New York, Cool Suppliers Frozen Smoothies are available across most of the USA.

What IS a Cool Suppliers Frozen Smoothie aka Icey?

A Cool Suppliers Frozen Smoothie is an ALL NATURAL healthy frozen smoothie snack!  We use fresh fruit, water, and in some cases a dash of natural sugar blended together to give you a taste treat.  Carried in convenience stores across the United States,  just look for our Cool Suppliers no-mess push up Icey Pops when you are hankering for a little something sweet!

We Don’t FRUC with Corn Syrup

At Cool Suppliers we believe in healthy all natural FUN food.  There is no reason natural healthier foods have to lack in taste.  Our all-natural Frozen Smoothies (aka Iceys) taste amazing and have NO artifical colors or ingredients. From the  water and fruit we use, down to the all natural sugar we lightly sweeten with, we guarantee every Cool Suppliers Frozen Smoothie you eat will taste naturally amazing.

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